ICO: $2 billion in January-February, 2018

Investments in ICO projects are about 2 billion USD in early 2018. It is possible that final figure will exceed the record high for 2017. Due to token sales, companies received a profit of approximately 5.7 billion USD in 2017.

ico-statistics.pngAccording to TokenData, total volume of previous month is 1.7 billion dollars, and it is about 431 million as of February. 

This year's trend is pre-sale. Tokens are increasingly acquired by private investors, and the others are forced to buy remainder. According to statistics, 84% of collected funds during Initial Coin Offering include private offerings and pre-sale for this year.

TokenData confirms that 1.97 billion USD have already been invested, and 1.63 billion thereof correspond to private investments. The fact that Telegram raised $850 million in the process of private sales and only private investors became buyers is not taken into account.

By the end of current month, profits from pre-sales of Telegram equal to $600 million, but investors are reported to have doubled their price.
TokenData reviewed 94 ICOs, 28 of which are participating in trading on stock exchange. Average level of Return On Investment bought through ICO and subsequently resold is 2.17, and considering ETH investments, it is only 0.75.

In other words, it would be more profitable to underpin or support Ethereum, rather than make a purchase of tokens from the beginning of 2018. However, it is quite early to definitely state anything and establish firmly, as the year began recently.