License for internet casino in Curacao: alternatives, pecualiritives, advantages

License for internet casino in Curacao: alternatives, pecualiritives, advantages

Nowadays, the recent practice of doing business in the country of residence of its owner is no longer standard. Companies are actively looking for new jurisdictions which provide the most favorable tax conditions and are characterized by a friendly legislative climate.

The owners of perspective Internet casinos in the conditions of modern realities are not exception. Virtual gambling is an online version of real casino, which activities are controlled by placing specially developed software on the website.

Of course, not every country has legislative framework for conducting online gambling activities. But, given the infinite possibilities of the Internet, it is always possible to find an alternative. For example, the alternative is location of the server, from which the operation of the casino is managed, in the jurisdictions allowing for doing legal gambling business. In this case, the owner of the online casino obtains great opportunity to get special license and organize operation of virtual casino.

The license for Internet casino in Curacao: why do you need to choose this jurisdiction?

License is the main attribute of the reliability and perspectivity of Internet casino. Licensed gambling business and legal status are evidences of fair play, and this, in turn, means stability and confidence in the future to the casino owner.

One of the best solutions for all owners of gambling business is the company in Curacao. Today, it is the island (the largest island of the Netherlands Antill), where the largest number of offshore companies is concentrated.  Note that Internet casinos in Curacao are primarily oriented on clients from the Netherlands and the United States. And the more developed the gambling system becomes in this jurisdiction, the more people from different countries will bet in Curacao in the nearest future.

Such popularity of the island in terms of placement of Internet casinos there arose mainly due to well-developed communication system and extensive internal infrastructure. Special status of jurisdiction within the Netherlands attracts players. Therefore, the license in Curacao is an excellent solution for any gambling projects, such as bingo in Curacao or other types of gambling activities.

In addition, classification of gambling business into types does not exist at all on the island, in contrast to other jurisdictions. In order to obtain gambling license in Curacao, minimum number of documents is required, and there are no strict requirements of the government for software and financial indicators.

Gambling in Curacao is governed by the special law, namely the National Ordinance Offshore Games of Hazard. The license for Internet casino in Curacao can be issued by the Ministry of Justice. Alternatively, the initial holder of the license for operating casino in Curacao can grant a sublicense to another person. Sublicense can not be used for transferring the right of doing gambling business to anyone.

Obtaining sublicense for online casinos in Curacao

Issuance of sublicense, comprehensive assistance in obtaining it, as well as professional legal maintenance are provided by Law & Trust International. Timely application for our services will minimize the potential problems that may arise in the operation of Your casino in Curacao. And if controversial situations do arise, they are resolved in the shortest possible time with minimal losses of time and finances.

Each provider tending to organize Internet casino in Curacao is assured with individual approach by our specialists. First of all, it guarantees access to the multiuser gaming network, the ability to place a large number of brands (shells), partners  (clients), making high demands concerning international services, as well as specialized equipment.

Our experience allows to provide every client with comprehensive support at every stage related to obtaining and maintaining license for gambling activities in Curacao. Due to this, your business automatically falls within the framework of compliance with the highest quality standards and remains absolutely legal. And this, in turn, will attract more clients to your casino in Curacao. You will be focused on developing your own gambling business, not thinking constantly about its technical maintenance and legal aspects of the company's work.  

The requirement for the availability of specialized equipment in Curacao is met automatically. In practice, this eliminates the need to take any additional actions and efforts. Your company can be domiciled in any other jurisdiction, it is important the characteristics of the software to meet the requirements imposed by the legislation of jurisdiction. At the same time, the domicile (place of registration) of the company is associated with the corresponding payment systems. That’s why it is much more cost-efficient to buy company in Curacao and obtain license for it. We are always glad to help you in this matter at

License for internet casino in Curacao: options and advantages

There are two options for obtaining license in Curacao.

The first one is the operator maintaining declared and registered services. Features:

  • In order to obtain license, information about all the connected services (including services of the partners) operating under your name is provided.
  • Being provider of services and/or software, You are completely responsible for business relationships of the partner with the licensing authority.
  • There is possibility for connecting additional services which are provided by other agents, offering them (services) to their clients (subject to conditions of compliance with the requirements of the licensing authority).
  • Each new plug-in service undergoes the same verification as the remainder (when licensing).

The second is the operator

  • Your company in Curacao obtains license, issued in favour of clients, for services and software which are approved and registered.
  • You have the opportunity to keep distance with any of the partners due to the following conditions:

- partners apply personally to you for obtaining license that is registered for your services/software;
- activities of partners are conducted in accordance with the license obtained;

- partners can domicile their company in another jurisdiction;
- invoice is issued for payment of license fee (subject to be payable monthly) by you, and you issue the invoice to the client.

Company in Curacao. Advantages:

  • The requirements of the licensing authority for the company are considerably less strict than in other jurisdictions.
  • Simplicity of the procedure of issuing license.
  • Technical maintenance allows to redefine the gambling business in Curacao in accordance with worldwide standards.
  • The company in Curacao obtains the status of licensed one.
  • Low income tax rates.
  • The company-operator is not obliged to have an office in the territory of Curacao.
  • Lack of subtypes of gambling business (there is no need in licensing each separate type).
  • The license in Curacao is issued in a short time.
  • There is no need in keeping financial statements.
  • The ability to do international business without personal presence.

In order to register company and obtain license in Curacao, the following documents and data are required:

  • Copy of the beneficial owner’s passport;
  • Confirmation of the address by providing invoices for payment of utility services (issued no later than 90 days ago);
  • Recommendation letter (from the bank);
  • Data on the source of income (special form shall be filled in);
  • Certificate on absence of criminal record (issued no later than 90 days ago);
  • Confirmation of domain name ownership;
  • Contracts with software and hardware providers;
  • Information about the software and the website, as well as about the types of expected activities.

Casino taxes in Curacao

  • Company engaged in gambling business pays 2% tax on corporate profits.

  • Tax and financial statements are submitted on annual basis.
  • There is no tax on gross rates, from sales, VAT, import duties.
  • Taking out dividends is not limited.

Requirements for the company applying for licensing:

  • Availability of registration in the foreign trade chamber (as legal entity established in the territory of jurisdiction);
  • One of the managers of the company should be the resident of the Netherlands Antilles;
  • Compliance with the requirements of identification policy and due diligence, status of beneficial owner, description of each of the games in detail;
  • Presence of physical servers of the company in the territory of jurisdiction;
  • Carrying out audit maintenance in relation to each player who made the deposit;
  • Ensuring the audit of each gaming system (including software);
  • Payout to players while maintaining minimum resources;
  • denial of registration of persons under the age of 18 and residents of the Netherlands Antilles.


Since 2001, CIGA (Curacao Internet Gaming Association) has been engaged in dealing with issues of gambling activities in Curacao. Its employees focus on the interests of clients in resolving all the issues, including elaboration, implementation of legislative, political, legal decisions of the government. The purpose of the activities of the representatives of the organization is securing the reputation of Curacao as reliable jurisdiction for doing international gambling business.

There are about 30 operator-companies maintaining the field of online games under the control of CIGA. The organization monitors over honest doing business in accordance with all legal requirements.

Thus, the license for Internet casino in Curacao can become the most reliable guarantor of your future success.

The law firm Law & Trust International has great experience in this sphere. Specialists of our company, based on your desires, will register offshore casino in the territory of Curacao for You with the license for any type of gambling (coin in, bet, casino, slot machines, etc.). We will offer you the most cost-efficient and low-cost ways of doing business in Curacao.