French authorities have passed a bill that will change the regulation of online casinos. In particular, a special body will be established in the country, which will be named L’autorite nationalale des jeux (ANJ). This decision was made after the withdrawal of the lottery operator LNJ from state ownership and the transfer to private hands.

To date, the activities of online casinos are managed by the ARJEL commission. Casinos that work offline, as well as the activities of bookmakers, lotteries and racetracks,  are regulated by the French Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as the Ministry of Finance. The government intends to get rid of this practice. The authorities intend to unite the regulation of the entire gambling industry and hand it over to a single body.

The new commission will monitor compliance with the rules of gambling establishments working offline and online. It is ANJ that will punish companies that violate the law. Also, this body will issue licenses for gambling.

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