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The need for legal services

Supervisory authorities have the right to appoint checks as part of the control of the legitimacy of the economic activity of the enterprise. During the procedure, problems often arise that can lead to penalties, from fines to the deprivation of a license and initiation of administrative or criminal cases against executives (officials).

The only way to avoid trouble is legal support from professionals. With the services of Law & Trust, the check will pass without problems.

Our experts will monitor the observance of the rights of a legal entity

We offer clients support services in the following cases:

  • Actions of the Tax Service during regular or extraordinary tax audits;

  • Inspections by state authorities before issuing permits;

  • Bank inspections when opening current accounts;

  • Inspections/control/inquiries of state bodies on working with personal data;

  • Other checks.

What are the risks of conducting audits?

  • Penalties for delinquency;

  • Revocation of a license;

  • Expenditures for eliminating identified shortcomings;

  • Errors in interaction with regulatory authorities;

  • Initiation of additional checks, identification of new failures during the procedures.

Why should you entrust the preparation for checks to a professional?

The services of a lawyer during a tax audit will prevent unlawful actions on the part of representatives of regulatory authorities, as well as ensure competent interaction and communication between inspectors and the audited company. The specialist will monitor compliance with applicable law and will not commit violations, for example, requesting documentation that tax representatives do not have the right to request.

Tax audit support will save your company from many possible problems. The lawyer will help to:

  • Check the credentials of auditors;
  • Clarify the existence of grounds for any action;
  • Detect violations during pre-audit activities (timely warning, availability in the plan).

Also, the lawyer will take over the interaction with the inspectors. The specialist can:

  • Warn inspectors if they go beyond the law;
  • Provide inspectors with correct answers to their questions;
  • Clarify the information to appeal against the inspectors’ resolution.
In the presence of a specialist, the time required for inspection of regulatory bodies is significantly reduced. Also, a qualified lawyer will ensure the protection of the rights of a legal entity, and will not allow abuse of authority.

Types of checks

Tax audits are divided into two types:
• PLANNED. Visits of tax specialists are carried out according to the schedule. Inspection by state supervisory authorities for companies is scheduled every 12 months.
• EXTRAORDINARY. Procedures can be appointed based on complaints of organizations, or if the tax office or other authorities suspect that the taxpayer has not complied with legislative norms.


First of all, legal support is necessary for organizations that are required to undergo planned tax audits. In particular, we are talking about enterprises operating in jurisdictions where there is substance. If the substance is at the input stage in any country, and the specific inspection procedure has not yet been approved by the regulatory authorities, there are even more problems, and a company definitely needs an experienced lawyer. Maintenance will be needed by companies that need to obtain a license according to the type of their activities.

For example:

  • Financial organizations;
  • Cryptocurrency companies;
  • Gambling business.
When conducting business on the Internet, the company is obliged to store personal data of users, as well as comply with the requirements for the processing of personal data in a particular country. The legal services will help to avoid claims from any state bodies.

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