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Merchant Account for casino

Specialists of the company Law & Trust International carry out assistance of clients during the process of registration of merchant accounts for casinos and other establishments of gambling sphere.It should be noted that among our advantages there are cooperation with reliable acquirer banks, as well as rendering full package of services from registration of legal entities abroad up to the issuance of all necessary licenses and accounts.



Merchant account is issued only for the company, and as a consequence it is necessary to go through a number stages in order to obtain it. These stages are the following:

  1. To establish a gambling-corporation.
  2. To create a casino’s website with certified equipment.
  3. Open a bank account with favorable terms and conditions.
  4. To analyze a package of documentation for an enterprise; to identify disadvantages and drawbacks that may potentially cause refusal to issue account, and eliminate them.
  5. To make an application to processing financial institution.
  6. To wait the term of consideration the application (petition is served to several banks at once to increase the effectiveness of the procedure).
  7. To obtain merchant-account for casino.

Unassisted passing of all stages is almost impossible because of the need to collect large amounts of information. In cooperation with representatives of the foreign jurisdiction it is important to know the subtleties of the local legislation, and our lawyers are well versed in them.

Requirements for applicant company and information on its website

Merchant account for casino is issued after a thorough audit of the legal entity. We offer to be audited before submission of application to find out and eliminate all potential problems.

The following information should necessarily be set on your website:

  • Procedure, sums and terms of chargebacks;
  • Common provisions of the company, its rules and conditions of interaction with users;
  • Telephone, address of the head office and customer support site;
  • Beneficiary of the company, as well as the full name of the corporation.

Requirements to the applicant vary depending on the bank and jurisdiction, where application is served. The client should be prepared to provide the following data:

  • Certificate of registration of legal entity and package of constituent documents;
  • Business plan or strategy for development of the corporation;
  • A bank statement confirming the account status issued not more than two weeks ago;
  • Copies of passports of shareholders or director and communication channels with counterparties to confirm the right of ownership of business;
  • A brief summary of the beneficiary and the documents confirming the right of ownership of the site of the casino;
  • License for conducting gambling activities.

Merchant account in casino: Law&Trust International

Our company has been dealt with the issuance of invoices and accounts for a long time. We can promptly provide information on the processing businesses with the most favorable conditions for the registration for you. Merchant account for casino should be unlimited, multi-currency, and with control from anywhere in the world. We consider all these and other nuances so you will always be comfortable to work.