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Legal advice in the field of cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrencies are rapidly gaining popularity around the world. Today, the sphere of blockchain technology is one of the most fast-growing on the planet. The investments in Blockchain and digital assets are profitable as the technology provides the humankind with new, previously unavailable opportunities, and its prospects are assessed as favorable.

However, the users and companies often face challenges when investing in ICO or cryptocurrencies. The reason for that is the ambiguous attitude towards digital assets on the part of government agencies in different countries. In case of violation of the legislation, the individuals and legal entities can be brought to administrative and criminal liability. The cryptoconsulting from Law & Trust will allow you to avoid problems with tax and law enforcement authorities in different countries.

Legal advice on Bitcoin.
Legal advice on Bitcoin.

Consulting on Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin mining legal consulting.
Bitcoin mining legal consulting.


When dealing with digital assets, the cryptocurrency consulting is essential for running successful business. Each jurisdiction has its own requirements for the regulation of such assets. The qualified lawyers will help you to solve the following problems:

  • Registration as a business entity or creation of the company, which carries out activities related with cryptocurrencies;
  • Consulting on investment, business activities of the cryptocompany, maintenance of reporting documents;
  • Resolving disputes arising in the course of investing in digital assets.

The cryptocurrency industry is one of the most complex from the legal perspective, so the difficulties can arise at any time. In some cases, the timely cryptocurrency consultations will help to prevent serious problems.

Operations with cryptocurrency in different jurisdictions.
Operations with cryptocurrency in different jurisdictions.

ICO Consulting

ICO (initial cryptocurrency offering) is one of the leading ways to attract investments for the companies working with blockchain and creating developments based on the distributed ledger. Thus, the companies raise additional funding by distributing tokens during the initial offering, they can spend the money received on the further development of the project. The users or legal entities, which purchased tokens, can use them for investment and subsequent resale, or pay for the goods, works, services provided by the platform.

However, during the ICO, the mistakes are often made, which can lead to catastrophic consequences in the future. The consultation from the qualified specialist will help to avoid problems and conduct the initial token offering without any claims. ICO consulting is required in the following cases:

  • Choosing a jurisdiction for ICO, familiarizing with the requirements;
  • Choosing a bank and opening a bank account;
  • Development of technical documentation and White Paper;
  • Registration of a legal entity;
  • Control over compliance with the legislation of the jurisdiction;
  • Judicial appeal against the illegal decisions of regulatory authorities.

Thus, the high-quality legal support and ICO consulting will allow your company to raise funds and promote tokens on the markets.

Consulting from Law & Trust

Law & Trust offers its clients the consulting services on the acquisition, use of cryptocurrencies, mining of digital assets, as well as ICO. The specialists of our company have extensive experience in the field of cryptocurrencies. We keep our finger on the pulse of events in the cryptocurrency industry, follow all amendments in legislation and court practice when resolving the disputes related to cryptocurrencies.

Law & Trust will provide its clients with all the necessary services. We will advise on the placement of cryptocurrencies, their purchase, sale, storage in electronic wallets, declaration,  necessity of obtaining a license in the particular jurisdiction, etc. With the services of our specialists, your business will be able to work with any type of digital assets under the reliable legal protection.


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