Our team analyzed the whole situation and compiled the TOP 10 best countries today that have valuable opportunities and good reasons to consider them for starting a business.

  1. New Zealand.

The main advantage of the country is in its quick business setup. What does it mean? New Zealand is considered one of the easiest countries to open and run a business. This jurisdiction can rightly be called the best place for business, for a very fast registration of companies, unlike many other countries.

There are several reasons for this:

  • company registration takes only one or two days ;
  • you can register a company and real estate in two days ;
  • the country's labor force is skilled and educated ;
  • labor costs are relatively low ;
  • in terms of taxes: no taxes on payroll, social security, or capital gains ;
  • a separate LLC is created in the country, which is a separate legal entity independent of shareholders.


  1. Singapore.

Singapore is awarded second place, primarily for the fact that there is no capital gains tax.

In particular, Singapore is attractive for those companies that do not plan to do business in Europe. It is known for many large international companies that place their headquarters in the country. With powerful trade and investment opportunities, the country is attracting global entrepreneurs and business leaders. Singapore has been named the most competitive Asian country to start a business numerous times .

Singapore has long been considered one of the best places to register a company and do business in the world because:

  • it is one of the richest countries in the world ;
  • he is politically stable ;
  • it is a convenient geographic location for doing business in Asia ;
  • has a competitive market for highly qualified specialists ;
  • dividends and capital gains are not taxed here ;
  • there are serious tax preferences for registered resident companies.


  1. British Virgin Islands.

Beneficial for those who are important to easily implement Internet banking . The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is the best place to register a company if you are an Internet entrepreneur with worldwide income that you would like to keep offshore for later use in new business projects.

Perhaps the most reputable and experienced registration companies of all offshore countries operate in the British Virgin Islands.

One of the most beneficial aspects of operating an international registered business company in the BVI is that you can link this structure to an overseas bank account opened in a respected jurisdiction, including Europe. Or, for example, in such as Hong Kong or Singapore. Asian banks are especially willing to work with companies registered in the British Virgin Islands.


  1. Denmark 

Denmark is in high demand, first of all, thanks to - easy hiring and firing, including an effective tax. Denmark is also considered one of the easiest countries in Europe to open a business and register a company, and all because it has several reasons for this:

  • with the flexicurity system, you get the most flexible hiring and firing rules in the world, reducing the cost of scaling business operations;
  • you can register a company in Europe and complete the registration of a company in Denmark in just a few working days, not weeks;
  • there are no requirements for the citizenship of the management of your company, including for the general director and board of directors;
  • no notarial acts;
  • efficient tax for setting up your business in Denmark compared to other Nordic countries;
  • Danish company law is up-to-date and in line with current EU law.


  1. Great Britain

Great Britain - primarily famous for its mobility and instant setup in opening a business.

Registration of any company in England is fast, and most importantly, financially affordable, thus making it one of the easiest and most profitable in Europe.

The advantages of registering a company in the UK are as follows:

  • tax authorities in Europe understand that in the early years, new companies, as a rule, do not make a profit, so there is no prosecution for unprofitable business activities;
  • The British Government offers various tax incentives for investors, founders and employees, as well as foreign firms in general;
  • you can open a company in the UK in 1 hour and a fee of 20 pounds (GBP);
  • Some of the best places to start a business and register a company in the UK are Belfast, Durham, Derby, Stoke and Stirling.


  1. Norway

The main advantage of Norway lies in its digital communications . Norway has a strong economy first and foremost, and most communication with the government can be done digitally.

Although the country is not part of the EU, it provides enhanced business opportunities in Europe due to its entry into the EEA.

Registering a company in Norway is fast and tax compliance is relatively easy.

Maintenance of a new company is also quite simple and not very expensive when staying within Europe.

Below are the benefits of Norway that you will get, decide to register a business here:

  • great for online companies, as all communication with government agencies is carried out in a digital format;
  • the focus of state support is on technology business;
  • the country's labor market is filled with highly qualified employees in the field of IT, finance, design and music technology;
  • entrepreneurs have access to manufacturing expertise, investors and creative talent;
  • the country has high economic and state stability;
  • Norway has developed long-standing trade relations with the European Union and individual European countries;
  • communication and transport infrastructures are well developed here.

A few downsides should also be mentioned:

  • obtaining a building permit on behalf of a newly registered company can be lengthy;
  • the labor legislation of the country is quite strict, which is compensated by the presence of highly qualified personnel.​​​​​​​


  1. Canada.

Canada, like Europe, is a very good place to develop an innovative business. There is a strong engineering expertise here, based on one of the best systems of higher education in the world and state support for the innovative sector of the economy.

Companies registered in Canada have the following options:

  • a powerful brand of the country as a center of a high-quality and high-tech product;
  • it is possible to use tax credits for scientific and design development of new products of registered companies;
  • proximity to the United States, government and developed infrastructure support create unique investment opportunities for companies registered in Canada;
  • a huge market of highly professional labor resources of the country, which, with the help of developed immigration legislation, makes it possible to attract specialists from any country in the world to projects on favorable terms for them after moving;
  • convenient geostrategic position allows you to work with physical goods in the markets of Asia, the European Union and in the countries of North America;
  • relatively low cost of maintaining the company and living in the country.


  1. USA

The United States, first of all, has a great advantage - tax incentives and a huge solvent market. There are also several factors that make the United States a great place to start a business, especially if it is related to IT technologies. here is California with its Silicon Valley and some other very innovative states:

  • the country's labor force is diverse and skilled;
  • The US is a recognized leader in research and development and innovation;
  • you can also find a wide range of funding sources for businesses and individual companies: investment funds, banks, venture accelerators and a huge number of business angels with checks from 5'000 USD;
  • registering a company, depending on the state, is quite simple.

The United States, unlike many other European countries, is a confederation of individual states with a fairly diverse local legislation regarding the registration of companies. The key factors mentioned above may vary from state to state. Therefore, the question arises, does it matter as whom you open a company in the US: as a permanent resident or as a foreigner? The same meaning is important for Europe.

There is a general rule, which is as follows: if you are a US resident, then you must register your business and open a company in the state in which you live. In case you are not a US resident, it will be more beneficial from a tax point of view to register your business in Delaware.

Why Delaware? More than half a million entrepreneurs have registered companies in Delaware, including over 50% of all U.S. public companies in 2019 and 60% of the Fortune 500 list.

Delaware is considered the most business-friendly state in the US for company registration, for the following reasons:

  • the initial registration fee is minimal compared to other states,
  • it offers several tax incentives for LLCs, for example, corporate tax is paid only on profits earned in the United States, i.e. all profits from other countries, including Europe, will be exempt from tax,
  • business licenses are not required,
  • non-residents do not pay income tax,
  • non-residents can take on the role of shareholders, members, directors or managers of the business,
  • here, the tax preparation and filing fee is below the average market offer for similar services in other states,
  • there are limited rules for doing business across state lines;
  • there is a separate “Court of Chancery” set up specifically to deal with claims against corporations.

In addition to the positive aspects, there are also several disadvantages for registering a company in the USA:

  • Not all states have low taxes. For example, Silicon Valley has a cumulative corporate rate of 29.85%, of which 21% is federal corporate tax. The good news is that the company's profit needs to grow. But if the profit is already visible, this is a great time to attract investors and reorganize the company or the whole business project with relocation to a state or country with a lower tax burden. Therefore, you should have tax forecasting as soon as you start your test sales with a US registered company;
  • sometimes it is quite difficult to understand whether foreign income is taxed.​​​​​​​


  1. Isle Of Man.

The Isle of Man has a customs agreement with the UK to facilitate trade, but is legally separate from both the UK and Europe and the EU. This provides certain advantages for companies registered in the Isle of Man when it comes to doing business in other countries and for legally investing in new sectors of the economy.

Advantages of registering a company on the Isle of Man:

  • zero income tax rate,
  • developed banking system with complex services,
  • a corporate structure with one owner (shareholder) is possible in the country,
  • only one director is required, who must not be a resident of the Isle of Man,
  • registering a company on the Isle of Man is beneficial for holding investment portfolios, including commercial real estate,
  • The Isle of Man is great for owning intellectual property.

Also, the nomadic moment is that you can register a company here relatively quickly, which cannot be done in the same Europe.


  1. Nevis

Nevis has surpassed Europe in terms of diversification and is one of the best places to register a business in terms of asset protection. If you are running a firm/business that is fraught with liability, then it makes sense to go where the plaintiff has to post the bond in order to sue you. In order to sue your public company, a person will have to file a lawsuit in Nevis court and pay the full legal fees.

Advantages of registering a company in Nevis:

  • confidentiality, as there is no nationwide registration of companies,
  • excellent prospects for protecting assets owned by local companies,
  • protection of business from lawsuits,
  • the government and prime minister are ready to discuss dual citizenship with international entrepreneurs.

Despite these advantages that Nevis has, there is one caveat: companies registered here do not yet have international recognition, which can be a problem for dealing with large Western countries. However, everything will depend on your business and the degree of openness of your shareholders. Nevis can be called the best country to register a business and open a company in the form of a combination of an LLC and a trust.

Self-registration of companies abroad is a rather complicated process that is best left to professionals. Lawyers of Law&Trust International will help not only with the registration of a company in the jurisdiction you are interested in, but will also be able to share their knowledge in creating an effective, profitable business for border.

The lawyers of our company have registered more than one hundred companies in different parts of the world, they know all the subtleties and possible “pitfalls” in the jurisdiction you need. You will save your time and money by contacting us.